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  • woven label cartoon label necklabels
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  • M14102408
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  • 15X55MM
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  • M14102408
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  • white
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  • 0.15RMB/PCS
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  • 2014-10-24 16:47:30
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        MILLAY professional engaged in the production of garment accessories design, has been successfully co production of the brand has Japan, Japan Mizuno Aska, Italy, Rome, new balance, back to back, Adidas golf, Adidas, Nike, Diadora, Callaway, Cleveland Gower husband, beautiful sports goods, Pathfinder, wanwan, Adrianna etc..
    MILLAY accessories, since establishment until now, has accumulated rich experience in the field of garment accessories. Label variety innovation rich, such as slice, bilateral folding, folding, triangle folding, crochet, embroidery selvedge;
    Flower types from a single diversified, such as towel embroidery, ribbon embroidery, three-dimensional embroidery, cap embroidery, embroidered embroidered scarves, fashion, toys, shoes embroidery embroidery
    Hand nail Glassbeads Embroidery, special embroidery and styles vary; washing watermark mark
    The use of advanced rotary, four-color machine quickly as the clothing enterprises, bed
    Provide the washing label products such as product enterprise; listing suspended particles with glue
    Printing, gravure printing, screen printing, UV printing processing services.



    Woven label with independent production workshop, embroidery workshop, printing workshop, screen printing workshop, etc...

    More workshop product pictures, please contact customer service, to provide you with the latest product information, also can be found at factory site: or to visit our factory!



       Clothing is a project, including the production and design, production of the process includes many aspects, the most important link is the choice of materials, material and sub fabric cloth and other accessories. Other accessories said here we collectively referred to as the garment accessories, it is the essential element in addition to fabrics, clothing, expansion function and decorative clothing include: zipper, buttons, lace, ribbon, shoulder pads, lining, lining, hanger, tags, jewelry, molding, chalk, hook, fur, trademark, string, padding, plastic parts, metal parts, packaging bags, printed label and other related etc..

        Each kind of clothing is almost always used label (label weaving), tag, printed labels, embroidery class labels, not only will not fade, more resistant to washing, a good label for customers to produce high quality product image, ribbon product labels for suit professional attire and other high-end products even more magnificent. For the processing enterprises publicity is one side of their own. We have to wear

        Install label production experience to meet most of the enterprise product demand, welcome customized.





        All customers, the factory launched a series of custom online trademark, design production, since version take goods and other services are factory direct supply, truly realize the buyers to buy high quality and inexpensive
    Products, dear, you can design your own, or put forward their ideas, design sample, sample, or online contact the duty our design staff set up as you
    Meter related products and brand strategy planning etc..

      The company specializing in the production of woven label, printed label, washing label, woven label, printed label, trademark printing washing label, embroidery, towel embroidery, shoes, three-dimensional embroidery beaded, tag, hanging tablets, not dry Glue, the number mark, tag gun, hand threading.
    Products are mainly used for clothing, shoes and hats, bags etc...




    Customized process:

    1 、Online to tell customer service, customized goods size, quantity, style you need;
    2、Calculation of the most favorable price for your goods to customer service, call or email to inform you;
    3、The guests to confirm material, the price is correct, down payment to the payment of treasure;
    4、Dear or provide draft design or the design of material;
    5、The shop will provide you with the design draft or material adjustment and design, to achieve the production requirements, and make a row of single manufacture factory;
    6、Good production after the goods by express store (logistics) Company shipped to pro buyers (and notify the buyers have shipped);
    7、After the buyer receives the goods please check the contents of the product before use, goods if the deletion or quality problems, please notify me within 3 days of receipt department; if there is an error in addition to our
    According to the single patch number does not assume any joint and several liability; and the confirmation, confirmation of receipt of payment on alipay;
    8、The end of the transaction, the follow-up service.

     注 意:

                ;  客户样板在制作过程中 如需改动请尽早通知。



    Our products sales to overseas countries regional transport charges according to the needs of each customer the actual situation to determine, we usually by sea or air, if you have special request, please tell us in time.




    Q 我:1809004569

    旺我:(傲雪孤雁) 联系在线值班人员

    TEL:+86 0 13428501917






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