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  • Shoe & Property Labels
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  • M14102901
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  • 25x55mm
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  • M14102901
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  • 红色
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  • 0.04USD/pcs
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  • 2014-10-29 17:29:21
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    Woven Labels

    Woven labels are made to last the lifetime of your product. The threads are pre-dyed and no inking is involved in the production of woven labels. They are woven by various looms that produce High Definition, Damask, Satin, and Taffeta. 

    High Definition
    High end process using high thread counts to achieve the ultimate clarity and a smooth finish. 

    A lustrous based thread has a smooth soft texture. Typically considered high end and used for intricate details, such as signatures or small text. Available as Cut/End Fold, Centerfolded or Straight Cut. Adhesive or Iron Backing available. 

    A polyester based lustrous thread which is soft and smooth. Good quality results. Can be produce using a single needle or broadloom set-up based on quality needs. 

    A polyester based plain woven thread used for low cost or basic uses. Not suggested for use in contact with skin as it tends to be scratchy. More suitable for outerwear or accessories. Very durable. Weaving can be double for definition details. 

    There are many cut and fold options. 
    Woven or Printed label folded from the center, horizontally or vertically. Stitching performed on loose ends opposite of folded portion. * 0.8”(2cm) Minimum for woven labels. 

    Cut/End Fold
    Woven labels folded on the left and right side of label. Usual seam allowance starts from 1/8”(0.3cm). Stitching is performed on the inside of the inward fold. 

    Straight Cut
    A label that is cut and finished on all sides. End user usually sews in from all four sides. Mainly used for patches or outer labels for accessories. 
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